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Golden Hour Clock Shop carries a variety of traditional grandfather clocks, cased in a variety of woods such as cherry, maple and oak. To understand why this clock remains such a great symbol of nobility today, it is beneficial to understand its history.

The History of Grandfather Clocks

“Grandfather” clocks or floor clocks have been in existence since the 1670s, and have remained one of history’s most distinctive family heirlooms. After Galileo Galilei’s discovery of the pendulum to keep time in 1582, Dutch astronomer and physicist Christian Huygens developed the first pendulum style floor clock around 1657.

Borrowing from that knowledge, English clockmaker William Clement invented the “long case clock” style to increase the pendulum’s accuracy in 1670. Since then, clock artisans have added chimes and greater detail to the wooden case.

The complexity and fine detailing that goes into each piece is what makes the grandfather clock so expensive, but no less a time-honored relic.

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