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Golden Hour Clock Shop carries a beautiful assortment of cuckoo clocks, known for its intricate birdhouse-style casing, nature-inspired features and the famous “cuckoo” sound that heralds the hour.

The History of Cuckoo Clocks

Cuckoo Clocks originated around 1630 in the Black Forest Region of Germany and continue to be a popular item for people to pass onto their children and grandchildren.

Though there is a degree of uncertainty about who invented the first cuckoo clock, most sources credit a man named Franz Ketterer, who is also known for producing the first successful “cuckoo” sound. This clock was more effective at keeping time than the hourglass, which was up until then the most accurate method.

After the first model was produced, the popularity of this clock spread like wildfire. During the harsh winter, people in Germany recreated their own hand-crafted cuckoo clocks with ornate carvings from various local woods, one of the land’s few natural resources at the time. The hand-carved cuckoo bird was designed in various weights and pendulums.

Throughout the centuries, contributions to improved architecture and functionality were offered by many people, including peddlers and tunnel builders. Though more modern materials are used today, cuckoo clocks are still handcrafted using the original patterns from 300 years ago.

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